The distinctive sound of Shaydakiss is a mix of house, techno, funk, and disco, but even behind the decks, it’s her charisma that manages to charm the audience mixing Montréal’s fashion and music scenes flawlessly.

Already a prominent figure of Montreal's nightlife, evolving into one of the city's most loved DJs was a natural next step for Shaydakiss. The homegrown lady of this cultural city is no outsider to the late-night party scene.

Shaydakiss is not just making noise at her home base, but is also solidifying her presence nation-wide in Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and Vancouver. Topping that, she has played at several hotspots in New York City, Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Chicago, Miami and Turks & Caicos.

Shayda has been impressing people by the thousands—adding Osheaga Music Festival, Igloofest, Picnik Elektronic, AIM Festival, Just For Laughs Festival and Jazz Festival to her rapidly expanding repertoire. In 2012, Shaydakiss was featured across the pages of Canada's 'Fashion Magazine' as one of the top 12 influential Canadian women who are grabbing attention across the country and around the world.

Though she's busily banging it out and weaving her way through different cities, Shaydakiss isn't exclusively djing. She continues to throw down several monthly parties in her hometown Montreal which have their respective cult following and are guaranteed to pack the dance floor. Her sound isn’t easily confined to one or even a few categories—it’s a collection of music that results when melted together by her diverging influences from House, Disco and Techno to Hip Hop, Rap and R&B . And while it’s hard to pin down, one thing she always promise to deliver is an audience that definitively won’t be standing still.